Skyline Lofts are loft conversion specialists serving London and the south-east. We have built our business primarily through word-of-mouth client referrals. Being at the heart of business, great communication, project management and working within agreed timescales are key to our operation, ensuring that all our clients receive the best results.
You can trust Skyline Lofts to help get the job done right, first time round. We provide a quality service and competitive price for converting your loft.
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Our company prides itself on professionalism, workmanship and safety. We do not only focus on how we carry out the work but also the quality of the finished product. You will have a strong architectural team supporting you throughout the design and planning phase of your project. With our in-house experience and expertise we know how essential it is to understand the specification of what the client wants. What can seem like an overwhelming step can be made so much easier when working with the support of our loft specialists.


Loft conversions can increase a house’s value by an average of 22% which may be the reason for their increasing popularity. Often up to 30% of a property’s potential space is located within the loft space. Many families choose to convert their loft area as a means of obtaining more space without having to endure the costly and stressful process of moving house.If you are interested in converting your loft, contact the Skyline Loft professionals who can help you with an end to end product. One of our friendly loft specialists will contact you to discuss your loft conversion requirements and arrange a survey of your loft.


Increase a house’s value by an average of 22%


Of a property’s potential space is located within the loft space


A dormer conversion can often be suitable in lofts with limited space or height. A dormer gives the conversion significantly more space, as it allows for all of the space into the eaves to be utilised on the side where the dormer is constructed. In particular it offers the benefit of increased headroom, straight walls and flat ceilings, and is relatively inexpensive to install when compared to other types of conversions.
A hip to gable is common in end of terrace or semi-detached houses where there is a regular ‘hipped’ roof with a sloping side. This means existing loft space is often limited, making it difficult to create a loft conversion without extending the property. This is where a hip to gable loft extension comes in. This type of loft conversion extends your property on the sloping side, effectively replacing the sloping side with a vertical wall (the gable) at the end to the same height as the ridge, and filling in the space in between.


Building regulations are required if the loft space is converted into a habitable room; hence we need to abide by the requirements which are in place to ensure that the necessary construction criteria are met, and that all health and safety laws have been satisfied, for example:
The structural strength of the new floor is sufficient
The stability of the structure (including the existing roof) is notcompromised
There is safe escape in the case of a fire
There are safely designed stairs to the new conversion
There is reasonable sound insulation between the conversion and the rooms below
The first stage of any loft conversion is a close inspection of the loft space to find out its exact dimensions and whether converting is feasible. You would need to establish if there is adequate room under the ridge of the roof. To convert your loft space into a habitable room, you need at least 2.4m from the loft joist to the ridge to allow enough headroom. There must also be 2m clearance above the position of the access stairs to the new conversion.
Skyline Lofts will look after all the Building Regulation issues for you to take the hassle out of dealing with the council and all the necessary paperwork that comes with it.